Associating Analytics Keys With Targets

If you create a key in Flare, it will become associated with your target as you do this. But if you create the key in Central, you need to then open the Flare target and associate that key with the target.

How to Associate an Analytics Key With a Target

  1. In Flare, open an HTML5 target.
  2. Select the Analytics tab.
  3. From the Provider field, select Central.
  4. If you are not yet logged in to Central, click Login. Then complete the fields in the dialog and click OK.
  5. From the Central License field, choose your license.
  6. At the bottom of the Key area, click the drop-down and select the name of the key.
  7. Click Save the active file. to save your work.
  8. Build output for the target on Central to see the analytics results.

Note After creating or editing an analytics key, and associating it with a Flare target, you need to build the target and publish the output for the analytics to take effect and see results on Central.