Access Enhancements to Projects, Teams, and Users

Some enhancements have been made to the way that projects, teams, and users become associated with one another.

Option Renamed to Access

When you open the profile for a project, team, or user (i.e., click the appropriate avatar), you will notice the option on the left has been renamed to Access. Previously, the option was named after the elements in question (e.g., if you opened the profile for a project, the option was called "Teams & Users"). This feature lets you create connections between projects, teams, and users.

Expandable Tree View

When you select the Access option in the Project or User Profile dialog, the related projects, teams, or users are no longer shown on separate tabs. Instead, they are listed in a tree view, which you can expand and collapse. A number next to a heading indicates how many elements are under it.

By clicking Edit, you can create connections between projects, teams, and users.

Project, User, and Team Association Behavior

Previously, the connections between projects, users, and teams were more closely tied, which led to the possibility of removed links. Now, the associations are treated separately, so even if one connection is severed, another one remains.

Example Previously, you might have had a team and associated it with a user and a project. By doing that, the user would automatically become associated with the project.

However, if you then removed the user from the team, the connection between the user and project would also be removed. The user would no longer be able to work with the project on Central.

In this new release, here is how the same scenario plays out…

You open a team and associate it with a user and a project. This means that both the user and project are associated with that team, but the user is not automatically associated with the project. You need to manually associate the user with the project. This is an extra step, but if you then remove the user from the team, that person is still connected with the project.