What's New?

Following are new features available in Central.

Inserting and Changing Snippets

  • Snippet is a chunk of formatted content that is heavily used in single-sourcing; can include text, tables, images, and whatever else can be included in a normal topic
  • Authors can insert and change snippets in Content Editor
  • Insert snippets into one or more topics throughout your project, reusing content that is maintained in one place
  • Replace inserted snippet with a different one

Editing Snippets in a Popup

  • Click button or use right-click menu to open snippet where it is inserted
  • Edit changes to snippet in a popup window
  • Available to authors in Content Editor; also available to subject matter experts in Review Editor
  • Makes the review process easier

Inserting and Editing Drop-Downs

  • Drop-down is a feature that lets users click a hotspot in online output to expand and collapse specified content below it
  • Authors can insert and edit drop-downs in Content Editor