Setting the Logout Behavior for Single Sign-On

If the optional single log out (SLO) endpoint is configured for single sign-on (SSO), Central users can choose what happens when they log out of Central. See Setting Up Single Sign-On Authentication on a License.

Note The SLO option is supported only by some IdPs, specifically those that only use the usernameID in the call to the endpoints. Check with your IT department to see if your IdP supports SLO.

Permission Required?

There is no special permission needed for this, except that the license must be enabled for SSO.

How to Set the Logout Behavior

  1. At the top of Central, click your avatar or name.

  2. On the left side of the profile, make sure Settings is selected.

  3. At the bottom, enable or disable Log out of single sign-on identity provider when logging out of Central.

    If the option is enabled, the user will be logged out not only on Central, but also logged out of the IdP.

    If the option is disabled, the user will be logged out of Central, but will remain logged into the IdP.

    Note This option displays only if SSO is enabled for the license.

  4. Click Save.