Single-Bound Projects

If your Flare project is not already bound to a third-party source control tool and you upload the project to Central, you will have only one source control binding. Therefore, you can use the source control connection between your local Flare project and Central as your primary source control solution. With this model, you can use the Source Control ribbon in Flare to perform regular source control tasks such as committing and synchronizing (i.e., pulling and pushing) files.

How to Use a Single Binding

  1. Open the project in MadCap Flare.
  2. Select View > MadCap Central. The MadCap Central window pane opens.
  3. If you are not yet logged in, enter the same user name (i.e., email) and password that you use for logging into Central, and click Log In.
  4. Upload (bind) your project to Central. See Uploading (Binding) Projects.
  5. In Central, assign users to the new project and make sure they have “Import/Pull” and “Push” permissions. This enables users to import the project using the MadCap Central window pane. It also allows users to push content to the project. See Associating Users With Teams and Projects and Setting User Permissions.
  6. Newly assigned users must now import the project from Central using the MadCap Central window pane in Flare. This allows each user to work on the project locally. See Importing Projects.
  7. In Flare, make changes to your files. Then commit those files and synchronize them with the cloned project on Central. See Committing and Synchronizing in a Single-Bound Model.