Publishing Directly to Central

As an alternative to building a target on MadCap Central, you can publish output directly to Central from the local Flare project. This is possible via a destination file that Flare automatically creates for you. By “publish,” we mean copying your output files to Central, not making that output “live,” which would make it visible to the general public. You would still need to use Central to make that output accessible to end users.

Diagram illustrating how you can publish output from Flare directly to Central.

How to Publish Directly to Central

  1. If it is not already done, upload a Flare project to Central.

  2. In the Flare project, open a target.

    Note If you are using Git branching, make sure the appropriate branch is active. When you build and publish the output, it will be for that branch. See Branching.

  3. Select the Publishing tab.

  4. Next to the Central destination, click the Publish check box.

    Note This destination is automatically shown on the tab if the project is bound to Central. If it is not bound to Central, you will not see this destination.

  5. Click Save the active file. to save your work.

  6. At the top of the editor, click Build.

  7. When the build finishes successfully, click Publish.

    After the target publishes, you can see the result in Central. A Flare icon displays next to builds that originated from Flare. A Central icon displays next to builds that originated from Central. Also, if you had a particular Git branch selected when publishing, it will be shown in the Branch column of the grid.

Note After the project is bound to Central (along with any targets you plan to publish), it is not technically necessary to synchronize changes with Central to have the latest files included in a build that is initiated locally. However, you would need to continue synchronizing in order to see the latest files on Central when using other features (e.g., checklists, builds initiated from Central).