Automatic or Manual Scans

Whenever you push changes for a project to Central, a new scan will be automatically initiated. While the scan is in process, a green progress bar will move across the top.

When you no longer see the green bar, the scan is finished. Larger projects will take longer to scan.

The last time the project was scanned is indicated in the upper-left part of the page, next to the Reports pane heading.

You can also click in the main toolbar to initiate a scan manually whenever you like. However, make sure you first have the Scan permission to do this (see Setting User Permissions).

Note This feature is currently limited to projects smaller than 1 GB. Projects larger than that will not be scanned for reports or statistics.

Note If you already had a Flare project uploaded before this feature was introduced, you will not initially see data on the Reports page. You must either perform a manual scan or push changes for that project to Central first. After that, the Reports page will populate.