Viewing Project Files

After opening a project in Central, you can view files and commits associated with a project.

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Permission Required?

No special permission is required for this activity. All authors who are associated with the project are allowed.

Files View

After you open a project in Central, you can click the Files option at the top. This lets you see a read-only view of all files in your project in a few different ways.

After you select this option, the project files are shown on the left side of the page. You can expand or collapse the folders to locate a specific file.

If you select a file, it opens in a Preview to the right.

The file will not look exactly the way it does in the Flare project. Content files (e.g., topics and snippets) display in much the same way they do when viewing them in the editor on the Reviews page. Other files might only display the code.

Keep in mind that you cannot make changes to files on this page. You can only view them, their contents, and information about them.

Depending on the type of file you open, you can switch between Preview, </code>, and Commits views.

Here is the </code> view:

Here is the Commits view:

The Commits view lists all of the changes over time for the file, with the most recent commit at the top. If the user added a comment when committing the file, it is shown next to that user’s avatar. If the user did not add a comment, the path of the file is shown instead. For more details, see Viewing Project Commits.

There are two buttons that you can use in this view.

  • View Commit This opens the Commits view.
  • View Diff This expands to show file differences between the current version of the file and the previous version. Click the button again to collapse the differences.