Benefits of this review workflow include:

  • Cloud Review SMEs do not need to download and install any software. The review takes place in the cloud.
  • Multi-User Editing Multiple reviewers (e.g., SMEs, authors) can make changes and add comments to the same topic or snippet at the same time.
  • Review-Only Interface A lightweight version of the editor means a streamlined interface. You only see options and features that are relevant to the review process.
  • Auto-Save and Tracking Changes in the editor are auto-saved as you work. In addition, all changes are automatically tracked so the owner can easily locate edits for approval or rejection.
  • Branching Files can be sent for review from a specific Git branch. This lets you keep reviews limited to files that are still in a state of development, as opposed to finished and ready for publication.
  • Workflow Management Bundling files into review packages favorably services everyone in the review process workflow. Reviewers (e.g., SMEs) can edit and view content from a flat file list or from a contextual TOC view where files display in a TOC for output that an end user might see. Owners (e.g., authors) can edit but they can also monitor and manage reviews in Central. They have access to customizable package and file grids that show review information and progress.