User Types for Reviews

The Central review process involves owners (those originating the process) and reviewers (those making changes and comments in the review package files). Reviewers can be either authors or subject matter experts.

Owners are by default authors and therefore, can also be reviewers. And authors with the Manage Reviews permission can also interact with the data grids (i.e., packages, files) and make changes to review packages. Owners, however, are not required to have the Manage Reviews permission and can modify anything about a package or the files within it.

Inviting Reviewers

When you invite someone to join a Central license, you can choose the user seat type for that person. See Inviting Users.

  • Author An author is an individual who works in Flare projects, creating and editing content. This person can also be the "owner" of a review when they send topics and snippets that need to be reviewed by others. Owners can assign other reviewers with the author seat type and permission to manage reviews. Authors can monitor reviews, access grids for information and progress, and create review packages directly in Central. Along with the reviewers, the author can open and edit files in the Review Editor. Authors with the appropriate permissions can also create and edit content in Central via the project Files page (see Authoring).
  • Subject Matter Expert A subject matter expert (SME) is an individual whose main purpose in Central is to review topics and/or snippets sent by an author. Therefore, a SME only sees the parts of the Central user interface that are necessary for reviews.

Note A person who has the author user type can function as either the owner (i.e., original author) or a reviewer during the review process.

Note What you see and interact with on the Reviews main page largely depends on your user type. For example, a subject matter expert (SME) is mainly exposed to packages for reviewing and editing, but an author has additional access to package and file grids, and can also create packages directly in Central.