Editing Review Files

After opening a topic or snippet on the Reviews page, you can edit it as necessary. All changes are tracked and auto-saved as you work. In addition, multiple people can edit a file at the same time, so you will see their changes as well in real time.

Permission Required?

No special permission is required for this activity. All users who are associated with the review process for the specified file are allowed.

Review Editor

Review Editor

To support the review process between Central and Flare, an editor is available in Central. Unlike the XML Editor in Flare, this editor provides only the features necessary for review by a non-Flare user (i.e., a SME), although this editor can be used by Flare authors as well.

Editor Features

[Mini-TOC Proxy — Online — Depth1]

What’s Noteworthy?

Note In addition to typing, you can copy and paste content. When you paste content into the editor, any styling is removed. The pasted content will take on the style of the content where it was pasted.

Note Aside from a few basic tags available in the toolbar (B, I, U, P, H1-H6, and lists), you cannot apply styles to a file that is being reviewed. You can only edit the content. Also, the files will not look exactly like your source files because the formatting from your stylesheet is not rendered in this editor.

What’s Next?

A reviewer can return to a file in the Pending pane repeatedly over time to make changes to it. When reviewers are finished working on a file and do not need to make any further edits, they click the Submit button on the Reviews page. See Submitting Review Files.