Editing Review Files

Editing the files sent to a reviewer is the crux of the review process between Flare and Central. From the Review Editor, all the reviewer needs to do is click to show files from the relevant review package, select an active file, and then edit and make annotations in the Review Editor. In addition, multiple people can edit a file at the same time, so you can see their changes in real time.

Permission Required?

No special permission is required for this activity. All users who are associated with the review process for the specified file are allowed.

Review Editor

All reviewers associated with a review can view and interact with the Review Editor, but depending on the user seat type and permissions, the editor enables or restricts functionality accordingly.

For example, an author who is also the owner of the review package can edit files, and those files save automatically—without having to submit an edited file (at the top of the editor). But for an author or a subject matter expert (SME) who has been sent a file to review, then a Submit button displays. In addition, the other elements in the banner (e.g., project icon, review package icon, review package link, content file link) are interactive for an author but not for a SME.

Note If as an owner, you want your changes to be included (along with other reviewers progress) in the analytics of the review, then you need to add yourself as a "reviewer" to the review package. When this happens, the owner must submit the changes just like any other reviewer.

How to Edit a File

  1. On the left side of the interface, click Reviews.

  2. From the top navigation, click Reviews.

  3. From the appropriate Packages pane (e.g., Pending, Sent), find the relevant review package, and select Show files .

  4. Select Files or TOC at the top for your preferred view. If an owner chooses not to associate files with a TOC when initially sending a review, a TOC will not be applicable to your review package.

  5. Select a file. It displays in the Review Editor to the right.

  6. Start editing the file. For example, you can add or delete text, add bulleted lists, add images, add tables, bold text, create annotations, etc. See Editor Features.

    As you edit notice that all changes are tracked and auto-saved as you work.

  7. When you are done editing the file, select Submit at the top of the editor.

    Note When you click Submit, you are not submitting all the files associated to a review package, but you are submitting only that one file. Once you submit a file, it moves to the Submitted pane in the Review Explorer and the owner is notified to accept it back into Flare. Until the owner closes the file, you can reopen the submitted file and make more changes to it if necessary.

Editor Features

[Mini-TOC Proxy — Online — Depth1]

What’s Noteworthy?

Note In addition to typing, you can copy and paste content. When you paste content into the editor, any styling is removed. The pasted content will take on the style of the content where it was pasted.

Note Aside from a few basic tags available in the toolbar (B, I, U, P, H1-H6, and lists), you cannot apply styles to a file that is being reviewed. You can only edit the content. Also, the files will not look exactly like your source files because the formatting from your stylesheet is not rendered in this editor.

Note Keep the following in mind when loading files:

  • The file size limit is 500 KB. This limitation helps prevents issues.

  • If changes approach the limit, a message warns you.
  • If edits exceed the size limit, reviewers are given the opportunity to undo edits or revert the changes and return to the previous saved version of the file.

  • Edits over 1 MB are ignored.

  • If an author sends a file for review that already exceeds the limit, a reviewer cannot load that file in Central. To resolve the issue, the author can close the review file in Flare (in the File Reviews window pane), adjust the content to lower the file size, and then resend the file for review.

What’s Next?

A reviewer can return to a file within a review package in the Pending pane repeatedly over time to make changes to it. When reviewers are finished working on a file and do not need to make any further edits, they click the Submit button on the Reviews page. See Submitting Review Files.