Editing Teams

Users with permission can edit team profiles. This includes the ability to: change the team name or description; associate projects, users, and/or sites; and set team permissions.

[Menu Proxy — Headings — Online — Depth3 ]

Permission Required?

For this activity, you must have the following permission setting:

For more information about permissions, see Setting User Permissions or Setting Team Permissions.

How to Edit a Team

  1. On the left side of the interface, click Teams.
  2. In the grid, click the avatar or name of the team.
  3. On the left side of the dialog, select any of the options, then complete the fields displayed on the right.

    If you select Access, you can use any of the tabs at the top of the dialog to view individuals, projects, and sites associated with the team. To associate any users, projects, or sites with the team, click Edit and select or deselect check boxes accordingly.

    Note Associations between users, projects, and teams are treated separately. Therefore, if one connection is severed, another one remains.

    For example, let's say you open a team and associate it with a user and a project. This means that both the user and project are associated with that team, but the user is not automatically associated with the project. You need to manually associate the user with the project. This is an extra step, but if you then remove the user from the team, that person is still connected with the project.

    If you select Permissions, you can set permissions for the entire team. Users associated with the team would then have all of those permissions that you choose. See Setting Team Permissions.

  4. Click Save.