Reviews Main Page

The Reviews main page is the gateway to accessing review packages in Central.

Review Explorer

What you see and interact with on the Reviews main page largely depends on your user type. For example, a subject matter expert (SME) is mainly exposed to packages for reviewing and editing, but an author has additional access to package and file grids, and can also create packages directly in Central.

If you are the owner, the files are listed in the Sent pane. If you are a reviewer, the files are listed in the Pending pane. See User Types for Reviews.

  • Pending This pane displays packages that the reviewer needs to review.

  • Sent This pane displays packages that the owner has sent other for review.

  • Submitted This pane displays packages that the reviewer has completed and submitted.

  • Archived This pane displays packages that have been closed (by the owner). The files within them are read-only.

When you first click the Reviews main page, any uploaded packages that involve you display in the Review Explorer.

  • If you click the review package, an overview page displays to the right with a chart, files, and statuses as they relate to a single package.

  • If you click Show files , the Review Explorer changes, allowing you to toggle views between Files and Table of Contents (TOC). (If an owner chooses not to associate files with a TOC, then a TOC will not be applicable to your review package.) If you click a file, it displays in the Review Editor to the right.

  • If you click the owner name link, a profile dialog opens with owner information.

Note Authors have access to data grids for monitoring and managing review packages in Central. From the top navigation select Grids. From there you can view the Packages grid all review packages in Central, or you can view a Files grid which shows all files sent for review regardless of the package. See Managing Review Packages.

Review Packages Overview

As soon as you select a review package, you can see details right away in its overview. The ability to monitor and update review packages, the file(s) within a package, and reviewers, provides value and momentum to the review process.

  1. On the left side of the interface, click Reviews.

  2. From the Review Explorer, select a package. The review package overview opens to the right. From the review package overview you can immediately see analytics regarding review package files. It shows the state of the files, your status, and the status of other reviewers.

Note If as an owner, you want your changes to be included (along with other reviewers progress) in the analytics of the review, then you need to add yourself as a "reviewer" to the review package. When this happens, the owner must submit the changes just like any other reviewer. The review package overview changes slightly.

Note An author, who is also the owner of a review, can modify anything about a package or the files within it even if they do not have the Manage Review permission.

How to Toggle Files View and TOC View

Reviewers have the option to see individual files in a list or in a TOC view for review. The Files view means that you see a list of flat files. The TOC view, on the other hand, provides more context for content and a general flow of materials. The TOC view caters to the perspective of the end user since files are assembled as they would display in a TOC for output.

  1. On the left side of the interface, click Reviews.

  2. From the Review Explorer, select Show files from the desired package.

  3. The pane changes to show the contents of the package. Select Files or TOC at the top for your preferred view.

    Note Topics and snippets can be included in a review package. Topics display in both views, but snippets only display in the Files view. Snippets do not display in the TOC view.

    Note Central's TOC view shows a label if it is entered manually into the TOC (i.e., in Flare, the label displays in black font). But, if you use a variable for a TOC node (i.e., you dragged the topic from the Content Explorer to the TOC and it displays in blue font), then Central shows the file name. The variables will display appropriately in the output. You can hover over the file name in the TOC view in Central, and it should show the variable.

  4. Select a file. It displays in the right side for reviewing and editing. See Editing Review Files.

Review Package Side Panel

When a package is selected for review, use the right Side Panel of the interface to see at-a-glance review package information. It references package status, project, branch, commit ID, TOC (if applicable), owner, and the creation date of the package. Under that is a list of the reviewers associated with the file in the package.

Note When a reviewer has a file open for editing in the Review Editor, the Side Panel displays status indicators for all reviewers. This means that each reviewer can see the progress of other reviewers for the file.

If you are viewing Central on a smaller screen or at a low resolution, the information is accessible from the flyout menu on the left side, which can be opened by clicking Flyout menu button in the upper-left corner.

Viewing Status

Virtually every component in Central reviews captures some sort of status. For example, status is reflected in the Review Explorer, the package overview, the right Side Panel, the grids, and the profiles. It ranges from what state the package is in, the overall status of all files in a package, to the individual reviewer status and where they are with a given file. Flare and Central work together to maintain the current state of files in a review package to their respective environments; giving momentum to the review process.

Statuses can be seen in different places of the user interface, but status meanings are consistent throughout reviews pages and dialogs.

Review Package Statuses

  • Open The review package is open for review. This is the default setting.
  • Closed All files in the package are set to a closed status (i.e., the package can no longer be reviewed). This can be set in the Review Package profile to put a review back into Flare's inbox as is (i.e., the review is not complete) and archive the review at the same time.

Review File Statuses

  • Open The file is open for review. This is the default setting.
  • Closed The file is closed for review.

  • Accepted The file is accepted in Flare.

Reviewer Statuses

  • To Do The reviewer has not started editing the file yet. The status color is yellow.

  • In Progress The reviewer has started editing the file, but has not submitted it. The status color is purple.

  • Submitted The reviewer has edited the file and submitted it. The reviewer can still edit the file until the owner closes it. The status color is blue.