Opening Reviews

Opening review packages containing files sent for reviews is quite simple, but keep in mind that there are multiple panes that display on the Reviews main page.

Permission Required?

Reviews do not require permission to partake in them. However, managing and creating review packages in Central does require the Manage Reviews permission. See Setting User Permissions.

How to Open a Review Package

  1. On the left side of the interface, click Reviews.

  2. From the top navigation, click Reviews.

  3. From the appropriate Packages pane (e.g., Pending, Sent), select the row of the desired review package. See Reviews Main Page.

    Tip Use the filter to search for a specific review package. This might come in handy if you have many review packages listed in the Review Explorer. See Filtering Review Packages.

How to Open a File in the Review Editor

  1. On the left side of the interface, click Reviews.
  2. From the top navigation, click Reviews.
  3. From the appropriate Packages pane (e.g., Pending, Sent), select a package:

    • If an owner has sent a package to you for review, open it from the Pending pane.
    • If you are the owner, you can open a package from the Sent pane. You might do this if you want to continue editing the file after you have sent it to others for review. Editing it in Central might be preferable to editing it in Flare at this point; otherwise, you would have to resolve your changes with those from reviewers when you bring the file back into Flare.
    • If you are a reviewer who has already submitted a file, you can open it from the Submitted pane. You might do this if you remember something you wanted to edit after submitting it. You can access the file in this pane until the owner closes out the review process.

    A package overview opens to the right.

  4. From the selected review package in the Review Explorer, select Show files . At the top of the pane, notice the clickable breadcrumb navigation.

  5. Select Files or TOC at the top for your preferred view. If an owner chooses not to associate files with a TOC, then a TOC will not be applicable to your review package.
  6. Select a file. It displays in the Review Editor to the right. See Editing Review Files.

Note Keep the following in mind when loading files:

  • The file size limit is 500 KB. This limitation helps prevents issues.

  • If changes approach the limit, a message warns you.
  • If edits exceed the size limit, reviewers are given the opportunity to undo edits or revert the changes and return to the previous saved version of the file.

  • Edits over 1 MB are ignored.

  • If an author sends a file for review that already exceeds the limit, a reviewer cannot load that file in Central. To resolve the issue, the author can close the review file in Flare (in the File Reviews window pane), adjust the content to lower the file size, and then resend the file for review.

Filtering Review Packages

If you have a really long list of review packages shown, you can use a filter option to truncate the list to easily find what you need.

Within the dialog, you can begin typing in the Search field. This quickly adjusts the pane to the left, displaying only the packages that contain a name, or review owner matching the search text. In addition, the active filter is added at the top; you can click the X to clear that filter.

The first field in the Filter section lets you quickly select particular Flare projects to limit the results even more. The active filter at the top of the window pane adjusts automatically.

You can also select a date related to the sent date for review packages.

  • Created On Shows packages created on the specific date selected.

  • Before Shows packages sent before the specific date selected.

  • After Shows packages sent after the specific date selected.

You can use the Sort section to organize the list of packages by None, Name, or Created On. Also, a toggle option also lets you sort the list in descending or ascending order.

A button at the bottom lets you clear all of the filter settings.

When you are finished setting options, just click off the dialog.