Creating Themes

You can create a theme if you want to use a different look than the default design for interface elements (e.g., login fields, 404 page).

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Permission Required?

For this activity, you must have the following permission setting:

For more information about permissions, see Setting User Permissions or Setting Team Permissions.

How to Create a Theme

  1. On the left side of the interface, click Sites.
  2. Select the Themes tab.
  3. In the toolbar click Add.
  4. Enter a name for the theme and click Save.
  5. Complete the fields on the left, and use the tabs on the right to preview the look for each element. Most of the fields are used to set color, where you click the circle and use the popup to choose a color. There is also a Gradient Angle option where you can click and drag a line around a circle to see how a gradient will look when you set a couple of background colors. You can also enter a font family; just make sure you spell the font exactly according to its name on your system. The preview area shows how the element will look with your change.

    Note You cannot modify the actual text that is shown on the different theme pages, including the "MadCap ID" text that is shown at times.

    Note The Logo option can be used to add an image to the upper-left of pages.

    For login pages, the license avatar and name are shown above the login button.

    This avatar image is different than the logo image you select for your theme, and it originates from your license settings. See Setting a License Avatar and Changing the License Key Label.

    • 404 The text and button that users see when the page cannot be found

    • Login The login fields users first see when they open the output

    • Invite The fields users see when completing their invitation and set a password for Central

    • Forgot The fields users see when requesting a password reset

    • Reset The fields users see when resetting a password

    • Expired The fields users see when a password is about to expire

    • Profile The fields users see to complete their profile

    • No Access The message authors and subject matter experts (SMEs) see when they do not have access to the output (e.g., they are not on a team associated with the site), and to request access from an administrator

  6. You can click the toggle buttons in the lower-right to see how other elements will be displayed. Be sure to click these buttons a second time to hide them from the preview.
    • Toggle Popup Shows how popups will look for certain events

    • Toggle Loader Shows a spinning circle, which displays when data is being loaded into the interface

  7. (Optional) In the lower-left, you can click Clear the form. to undo changes to the last saved version of the theme.
  8. Click Save.

If the animation below is cut off, you can see the complete animation by clicking the link under it to open the full topic.

Animated gif illustrating how to create a theme.