Central supports an effective content review process when working with files from MadCap Flare. Files are bundled in a review package, which is essentially a container that can include as little as one or possibly hundreds of files (e.g., topics, snippets). Review packages can be sent from Flare to Central, reviewed and modified, and individual files are accepted back into Flare. Once all the files by all the reviewers are reviewed, the owner closes the review package.

The streamlined review package workflow enables owners to assess the overall progress of it through grids. They can see recent activity, who’s reviewing, status of files or packages, or even create new packages directly in Central. Reviewers can open files for review, modify them in an editor, and submit the files within them to Flare. Files within a review package can be seen as a flat list of files or in a TOC view that provides context and general flow of content for output.

What’s Noteworthy?

Note Since the review packages feature affects the reviews process between both Central and Flare, be sure to check out Flare's online Help. Flare supports an efficient workflow for sending and receiving review packages back and forth with Central.

Note The latest version of the Flare application is required for sending review packages. Older versions of Flare support reviews but only for sending and accepting single files for review. Files will be brought into Central as one-file packages. For example, if you have 10 files for review, they will be sent as 10 review packages—the files will not be bundled together as one package.

Note If you plan to incorporate sending packages for review from Flare to Central, the project first must be bound to Central. See Source Control and MadCap Central.